Common Words

Housing can be complex, and so can its vocabulary.

From ADUs and missing middle to housing choice voucher and LIHTC, we’ve got a robust list of words and acronyms that are commonly used to describe housing needs and housing solutions – and what they mean. Not seeing what you’re looking for? Email us at


Housing Definitions

Where is Ocho Rios Authentic Caribbean Cuisine located?

We are located in the North Entrance of Avenida Food Market at 12445 Lake Fraser Dr SE D426, Calgary, AB T2J 7A4. Come visit us!

Is your location suitable for dining in?

We operate in the Avenida Food Market in Southern Calgary. There are many tables in the market where you can sit while you eat.

Can I place my order earlier in the day?

Yes, you can set a pickup time through our ordering platform on our website. We will have the order ready for the time you selected.

Do you offer delivery?

Yes, we offer delivery to SE and SW Calgary and pickup. We hope to expand our delivery zone in the future. You can order through our website.

Can I pick up from the store?

Yes! You're always welcome to visit us at our location in the Avendia Food Market. You can pick up directly from our location or request a curbside pickup.

Are you open on Wednesday?

We are open only for curbside pickup on Wednesday. Please call us when you arrive as the market doors are locked.

Do you offer catering?

We do not offer catering at this time. Please check back in the near future.

Do you offer anything off-menu?

We are always looking for feedback on our menu. We may add additional selections, promotional items, or seasonal items in the future, but this is not something we offer at the moment.

Do you offer discounts for large orders?

We may offer discounts for very large orders at our discretion. We will sometimes do this to show appreciation for your business.