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Housing Next Principles

Housing Next will utilize the principles and leverage points adopted by the Ottawa Housing Next Collective Impact process.


* Cross-Sector: Business, Non-Profit, Education, Government are all affected by the lack of affordable housing and must all play a part in coming up with innovative solutions.

* Regional: There is a consensus that to effectively address the issue of affordable housing we must think regionally, and act locally.

* Sustainable: The solutions must be sustainable for community partners and for households benefiting from any one program or service. Sustainability can come from leveraging and blending a variety of funding types and by harnessing the existing infrastructure through collaboration in order to grow capacity.

* Workforce Housing: The target populations for HN's efforts are individuals and families that are fully employed, but earn a household wage that places them in, or at risk for falling under the ALICE threshold.

* Mixed Income / Mixed Type Housing: HN promotes projects that allow a broad range of ALICE and up to 130% of ALICE income levels to live in the same community.

* Existing Housing: OHN supports efforts to decrease housing cost for the Ottawa County workforce living under the ALICE threshold by providing income supports and assistance to their current housing situation.

*Scale: HN will support projects at a larger scale than currently occurs in our workforce housing projects, and will support local agencies to expand their capacity

*Layered Funding: HM will support projects by better utilizing gap funding opportunities for developers to provide affordable housing and governmental programs that provide support to affordable housing.

Leverage Points:

* Housing stock - Increase number of affordable units through construction and acquisition.

* Housing cost - lower the cost of units by reducing rent or providing subsidies and efficiencies.

* Income supports - support non-housing costs to allow more income to go toward housing.

* Public policy - Create a policy/regulative environment that supports affordable housing.

* Supportive services - To enhance sustainability of affordable housing.

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